The Mutant Wave: The Mutant Suppression Program

Part 1: The Great Escape

The initial part of the campaign had the players wake up without their memories in an underground structure, which was later identified as a mutant prison / science facility. A voice speaks to them warning them of danger and leading them to a safe place to talk. They are forced to fight other released mutants with less friendly disposition and discover their respective powers.

The voice identifies itself as Fox and claims to run the facility. She tells them that the facility is under attack by someone she calls The Shadow Man, and there are now also dangerous mutants roaming free inside. The most dangerous of them is a woman called the Hunter who kills mutants and absorbs their powers. She has locked the exit, and until The Shadow Man is dealt with she will not open them. The first order of business is to take back the security room that is under The Shadow Man’s control.

On the way they fight another Sleeping Beauty – mutant girls that age by eating flesh – and acquire some supplies – food, water, clothes. A little boy with shimmering wings calling himself the Fairy then explodes in light at them, knocking Priceless and the Seer unconscious. Shortly thereafter The Shadow Man’s clones attack them, triggering Battery who explodes, setting Priceless on fire. It does get rid of the clones, and Priceless turns out to heal quickly. They get control of the security room.

Now the Shadow Man speaks to them through a com radio in the room. He introduces himself as Opal and apologizes for the attack, saying he has broken in to rescue a friend and thought them hostile or working for Fox. He asks them to help release his friend Ruby, which probably means playing along with Fox for now. They return control of the security room to Fox and she tells them there is a fire in the server room where their memory cores are stored; she needs them to go down to the basement and put it out. They fight another Sleeping Beauty and put the fires out.

Now Fox has another request. She will download the memory cores to a portable device so they can bring it with them, but she also wants to download herself – she’s an AI – so she doesn’t have to die with the faltering facility. But first the Shadow Man must be dealt with. The players choose to not kill him, but rather faking his death with the help of Mirror’s shapeshifting. Fox is convinced, and initiates the facility’s self-destruct sequence and downloads herself to the portable device. The players escape with Opal, Ruby and the Fairy, as well as a human who got locked in when visiting his mutant brother and a dreaming security guard.

Fox cannot directly access the memory cores even if she’s stored alongside them, but she did catch glimpses of them as she transferred them.



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