The Mutant Wave: The Mutant Suppression Program

Though-Record 4224

The second of Battery's Thought-Records

//// Initializing Thought-Record #4224 [Codename: Battery] ////

It’s murky in here. Not dark, but dark enough that it… unsettles me. We reach an octagonal room with a desk – some kind of reception – poorly lit. I don’t know where we’re going from here, exactly, but before I can enter the room the others stop me. They’ve heard something – a humming sound. The old woman volunteers to check it out. Priceless comes with her; that’s probably a wise decision.

There’s a kid, hiding behind the desk. He’s making the sound, and he’s – well, he’s definitely a mutant. He’s got wings. Someone shouts over the speaker system: “Do it now!”

Everything happens very quickly. The kid jumps out – Mirror shouts at him to calm down, and he hesitates for a moment – but then Seer points her gun at him, and shit hits the fan. There’s a bright flash of light, and two people drop to the floor. Dead? Me and Mirror seem to have been shielded by the door. The kid doesn’t stay to finish the job – he runs off. There’s no point in following him – I have to check if the others are okay.

It turns out, thankfully, that they’re just sleeping – although I can’t wake them up. Oh well – I guess we can let them sleep for a while. I sit down, try one of the energy drinks, while Mirror searches the area. We’re right next to the security room – but the door is locked. On a whim, I search through the desk for a paper clip or something to pick the lock. Maybe I’m good at that, who knows?

Abruptly, the door opens. A shadow.

What’s it doing? Where am I? Oh God oh god oh god oh god oh god o-

/// Thought-record interrupted. No signal for: 00h 10m 36s ////

Fire. Burnt flesh. Even before I open my eyes, I know something is very, very wrong. I’m in some kind of control room. The security center, maybe? Outside, the octagonal room is burning. Priceless is injured. So he isn’t invulnerable, after all.

It comes back to me. I did this. I managed to hurt a guy made of diamond. Shit. I climb to my feet, and look around – we’re surrounded by screens. I think I understand how they work, maybe, but I’ve got more pressing issues to deal with. I need to fix up Priceless. There’s not much I can do for him, unfortunately – burn injuries. I’ve no idea how to treat them. Seer seems to, so I leave her to it. I try to apologize, but I don’t know if he even understands my intentions. I don’t expect he’ll trust me after this. I can’t say I blame him.

And then, there’s a voice. Someone contacts us through a walkie-talkie – one of the others must have picked it up. It’s a male voice, a pretty dark one. It scares me. The accent sounds… different. I think he’s British. So I guess that means none of us are. So I guess that means I am African-American.

He calls himself Opal. Says he’s a mutant. Says he’s the Shadow Man. There’s a lot he tells us. I’ll try to process it all:

He tells us the woman who woke us is called Fox. That she seems to trust us for some reason. That the prison system is draconian and tyrannical, that they imprison mutants unjustly. He’s here breaking out his friend, Ruby. She controls fire, he says. We see her on the screen – a red-haired woman in the volunteer area. I recognize her; we saw her through the bullet-proof glass. Another screen shows an old woman – he tells us she’s the Witch, who puts people to sleep. She seems to have been through here, because there’s a sleeping guard whom the kid (he’s apparently Opal’s sidekick) wasn’t responsible for.

He tells us our crimes. I guess he’s trying to demonstrate that we were unjustly imprisoned. Mirror impersonated someone. Seer shot a sex offender. Priceless was a mafia enforcer. I lost control and killed people. Judging by what just happened, they were probably right to lock me up. He says he can help us get our memories back. He pleads with us to rescue Ruby – and in the next breath, he admits to having tried to kill us. I don’t like him. Still, we agree to help him, or at least consider it. He tells us to play along with Fox for now, because she’s the one who can open the doors. I get to work on accessing the security center – something tells me it shouldn’t be this easy, but then again, I had an open terminal to work with. Assuming control of the cameras is quick and painless.

I disconnect some of them. We don’t trust Fox so much that we want her monitoring our every move. Then, after making sure we have a hidey-hole, I give her full access and her voice comes in over the speakers. She’s pleased, I can tell. She also sounds worried – tells us there’s a fire in the basement. Sub-basement, I guess, since we’re already underground. The basement is where they keep our memories. I’m not sure I want my memories back, but it seems the others do, and I guess we might need them to get out. Still. I’m not sure we want to deal with a fire. Someone suggests releasing Ruby and letting her help us, but Fox is adamantly opposed to it. So we just leave.

The monitors tell us the Hunter – who looks like a perfectly ordinary woman, although dressed strangely – is in one of the corridors, up ahead, banging on a door. We avoid her, take a different route, and sneak down the stairs. It seems everything is going well. So far, at least.

//// End of Thought-Record #4224 [Codename: Battery] ////

[Session Break. Anton is still confused by his character. Madde is pondering if her character really wants his memories back. I’m wondering the same thing about mine.]



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