A charming young man with a sense of propriety and a fire for mutant rights, who rather uses words than barbaric violence but will get his hands dirty if he must.


Opal is a mutant rebel who claims to be fighting for “mutant rights”. He previously belonged to a team called Apocalypse (he admits the name was poorly chosen but well earned) together with Ruby. They were hiding something called the Mutant Wave that were thought to be the cause of mutants rising. A team of government sanctioned mutants struck down two of their members but then took the Wave and ran off; Opal and Ruby escaped with their lives.


Nicknamed The Shadow Man in government files, Opal can make shadowy copies of himself that can pass through doorways or windows even if they are closed. He can either control them remotely to do very basic tasks like guard a door or strike an enemy head on, or possess one at a time for direct control. The players have also heard from him that he can “scatter” himself to pass through even dense walls or mountains, although it drains him and can only be used weeks apart.


The Mutant Wave: The Mutant Suppression Program Yeonni