Apocalypse was a group for mutant rights (by some, if not most, called terrorists) led by Opal, who was in possession of The Mutant Wave, thought to cause the outbreak of mutants. They actively tried to recruit other mutants under their protection.

A group of government sanctioned mutants infiltrated their ranks and took the Wave from them, killing two of the inner circle in the process. However, instead of turning it in, they disappeared with the Wave, supposedly hiding out somewhere far away from civilization seeing as new mutants are getting increasingly rare.

Apocalypse’s inner circle consisted of:

Amarantine (deceased) – capable of integrating flawlessly with computer software, running the groups information handling.

Opal – leader, public relations, damage control.

Pearl – ???, some even question if there was a Pearl at all or if his name on the roster was simply a ruse to cause confusion.

Ruby – second-in-command, Opal’s bodyguard and usually responsible for any acts of violence, directly or indirectly.

Tortoise (deceased) – reflecting damage back on any attacker, the group’s tank and defensive master, although his support of Ruby’s violence didn’t help Opal’s public relations work.

The group scattered after the incident, however Opal and Ruby reappeared independently without Pearl several months later, reforming it under the name Ascension with two new mutants in its inner circle; Noise and Vector. Still radical, still recruiting, but more focused on rescues and prison breaks and any violence was now usually on Ruby’s bill.


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