The Mutant Suppression Program

The program was initiated very soon after mutants appeared across the world. It began in the US as a natural extension of the war on terrorism, and quickly spread as mutants became increasingly difficult to handle, especially for small countries with little to no ability to hold such individuals.

Currently its effects are mainly centered around registration of all known mutants, research into the causes and effects, and incarceration of dangerous mutants.


Registration is mandatory and all mutants with major powers are encouraged to take part in the Program’s volunteer activities, including training to control powers, research into exactly what one can do and can’t do, and further education. Unregistered mutants are considered illegal, but not necessarily criminals, and may not be subjected to violence unless they have acted in a way to warrant such measures. Although the original wording is fairly neutral, a majority of the states and countries that have adopted the program uses extensive means to force registration, and apply violence at the slightest prospect of resistance. Depending on where you are, simply being registered may also prove very dangerous as certain human purist groups target such individuals, and the officials of your area may be more or less willing to provide protection from such prosecution.


A constant cause of controversy, there are several intentions that hold to daylight scrutiny; understanding what causes the mutant gene, ways to harmlessly suppress criminals or self-damaging powers, and so on. However many are worried that if a “cure” is procured, it will be forced upon the entire population. Or that the knowledge acquired will be used to create weapons of mass destruction or super-soldiers. Calling national security, a lot of what is done is kept under the table, and there are rumors that certain offenders in the mutant prisons are being experimented on without their consent, or that such offenders without family tend to “disappear”.


Over time several methods to subdue hostile mutants have been in use. The current policy is to store the unconscious subjects apart from their memories to avoid emotional outbursts that activate powers subconsciously. The intention is that when a better, more humane method is invented, the subjects can be restored to health and their memories re-entered. Each subject has a code planted in their heads, so that only the corresponding memory can be inserted. Previous versions had the memories erased permanently, but this was too controversial to stay in use. Mainly the US but also some bigger and technologically advanced countries have agreements with smaller countries to hold their mutant offenders for them, as secure holding is too expensive.

The Mutant Suppression Program

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